Tuesday, January 18, 2011

come back home

For the last week and a half it has just been me and the little guys. We have had fun and kept ourselves busy, but I am ready to be with Ben again. It's amazing how in his absence I have come to realize so many things.
  1. I can't sleep when he's gone.
  2. Our meals become very basic (the little guys don't seem to appreciate all the chopping and steaming, etc)
  3. Story time can be rewarding & exhausting
  4. He helps me lighten-up
  5. The boys really need to wrestle EVERY day.
  6. He helps me focus
  7. I need someone to bounce my ideas off of
  8. Sometimes a hug can fix everything (it's a good thing my boys like to hug me)
  9. A dead car battery can really throw your day off. Especially when it happens 4 times.
Lucky for me, I have some AMAZING family members both near and far. Ones who can give my car a jump at a moments notice or even install a new car battery. Or watch my kids so I can get some work done at the office. And family that is so great to listen to me blab and vent on the phone and still love me.

Thanks for all of your help everyone! The wait is finally over!

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