Friday, December 3, 2010

Puj Tub winner + Christmas Extravaganza!

congratulations to our winner!
stacey said...
I shall be keeping the tub for myself. 
Send me your address to katie at pujbaby and we will send out your Puj Tub!
Last year I decided it was time to start implementing some family Christmas traditions. But sometimes the idea of planning a family Christmas party can increase my stress level. This is why I decided on a "last minute" Christmas Party. There is no stressing and everyone has a fantastic time. We called it
(if you name your party everyone will for sure have a grand time)
I made a sign for the kids to color while I attended to the last minute party details.
 The menu consisted of veggie pizza, veggies & hummus and of course some Sparkling Apple Cider.
The Men made sure we were nice and warm with a real fire.
And for an activity we made Shrink-e-dink Christmas ornaments. This was a BIG hit. Just make sure you punch the hole for hanging BEFORE you shrink them.
We also made paper snowflakes and hung them above the kitchen table.
It really was a fun little party to get us in the Christmas spirit. Best of all it was easy and stress free.
What are your Christmas traditions?


  1. New to your blog, but I had to comment because I just came across shrinky dinks (which I haven't seen in years)and made them with my daughter this weekend ~

  2. how about a recipe for the veggie pizza. please and thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I saw on Tangled and True (hi Brit, if you are reading this!) that you are giving away one Puj tub a week until New Year's! Well, if I won one, I'd keep it (for a hopeful baby #3). But just to sweeten the deal, I did recommend one (even though I haven't tried one myself yet) to a friend who is a new mom, and she LOVES it! Happy Holidays!

  4. Um, did I post this in the wrong place? Perhaps?

  5. Love your Christmas Extravaganza! Wish I could come next time.

  6. that looks like a lot of fun Kate, next time I think your family tradition should be to come to Utah and stay at my house, I'll throw lots of parties while you are here and name every single one of them.