Thursday, December 9, 2010

iPad gift idea

Need an easy handmade gift idea? Well if your recipient has an iPad you could make a little cozy for it. I made ours from some dear-skin leather (super soft). It was really quite simple

 I just cut the leather and fabric lining .25 inches wider on all four sides. Flapped over the top and sewed all round it.
I chose a navy & white stripe that I found at IKEA as my liner.
And because the fabric had a fun little hole I thought I would turn it into a little design detail and let the fabric stripes show through the hole.
Now my iPad can ride along in my bag scratch free.
You could also do this very easily with some felt that you double up for thickness.
Now I just need an easel to prop it up while we watch our Pixar shorts. For now these two rolls of tape are working quite well.

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