Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giveaway & Advent Calendars

If you are wondering where the Puj Tub giveaway is this week, look no further. We are just going to keep adding to last weeks. That means if you already entered then now is your second chance to win!!!
(me giving my nephew a bath in my own Puj Tub in my own bathroom)

But if you have not already entered, leave me a comment saying who will be the lucky recipient of the Puj Tub (should you win of course)

And don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook.

Best of luck!

And if you don't win, now is the time to BUY the Puj Tub. This has never been seen before, but the Puj Tub is on sale for a limited time (who know's if it will ever happen again) You have until Saturday evening to buy it at the low price of $32....fantastic! That's 20% off!

And now, a little project teaser. We have not completed our Advent Calendar yet, but here is what Truman and I have cooked up so far. 

Do your kids like advent calendars in your home?


  1. I loved the Advent Callender we had years ago, with the elaborate ornaments. But sadly it is no more. It must have been a casualty of our move.