Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mario Lopez loves Puj

It looks like another "Saved By the Bell" celebrity is loving the Puj Tub. (Tiffany Amber Thiessen also told me that she loves using the Puj Tub)
(Isn't she cute! NOTE: Puj does not recommend running water directly onto baby from the faucet :)
Mario Lopez just tweeted a picture of him giving his 2 month old daughter Gia a bath in the Puj Tub! Now I know that Mario Lopez is not a baby bathtub expert, but I would think he has the pick of the lot and he chooses a Puj Tub. And to think, here I am giving one away each week until New Years......AMAZING! Today must be your lucky day.


  1. Katie,
    My mom and dad are for here for Thanksgiving, and we came across your blog. We love it, and we love you. Glad things are going so well for the Puj tub. I have loved mine, and I am excited I have a baby shower coming up so I can introduce it to my friends/family. Lots of love this holiday season.
    Linds and Sandy (mom)

  2. I am so happy to hear you loved the Puj Tub Lindsey! Tell your mother hello for me :)