Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the IT gift

I know, we haven't even trick or treated, and here I am thinking about Christmas.

Though this is a great image, you can't tell from the photo that these are magnetic wooden blocks

Yes, they click together magneticly....awesome!

When I saw these at the ABC show I KNEW these were the IT gift for my three boys (+Ben) this year for Christmas.

The company is called Tegu and the whole business is built around bringing jobs to Honduras. The wood even comes from "tagged" trees that are ready to fall.

BRILLIANT....I'll take two please!


  1. Katie, these look awesome! I'm totally interested in getting some for Abby for Christmas. Kind of expensive, but some toys are worth it. So after handling them, you think they are totally worth it? Have you already ordered? How much did they charge you for shipping?

  2. YES! These are definitely worth it! They are made with very fine craftsmanship....and I know my wood work! I can tell a bad job when I see one. I am not sure about shipping. The company is based out of CA, so it should not be too outrageous. I placed my order at the trade-show. I ordered the color block. They don't have them on the website, but if you email them I am sure they can make it happen. It's only a few dollars more and well worth it! The paint is thinned out so you can still see the wood grain! They're beautiful. You won't regret this purchase Britt!

  3. Thanks Katie! I'm glad to know about the color block as well.