Wednesday, October 27, 2010


For three weeks now we have been living without television.

the boys playing Conference Bingo (with grapes) while watching General Conference on the computer.

I have wanted to do it for a long time but was afraid of the VOID.
It's amazing the things my kids have been finding to do instead. They don't even ask for TV anymore. Instead, they sit down and read, read to eachother, color, do crafts, play uno, war, Go Fish, etc.

I say, if you're thinking about doing it just do it!

Call that cable company right now and say, "Cable Company, we've had some good times together, but I will not be needing your services anymore. We have too many other things to do!"

What else could I be living without?


  1. I have two boys, 2yrs. & 4yrs (plus another on the way that I really hope is a boy). I love to see what you do with your little guys because with your older son you're one step ahead of me.

    My husband initiated our no t.v. policy and I continued it when he almost gave in. They watch "The Sound of Music" maybe once a month and I do have two "Wiggles" videos that I purchased for our stay with grandma, so movies happen once in a while.

    I keep the t.v. in a trunk and pull it out when I want to (like a difficult dinnertime- speaking of that, what do you do at dinner time?). I've noticed the boys aren't much better behaved watching something than if I give them playdough or something else kind of fun.

    What else do we do without: sugar, not totally, but like the t.v. I use it sparingly.

  2. Kelly, thank you for your comment. It is comforting to know I am not the only one without a TV these days. It's funny that you should mention living without sugar. We are in no way a sugar free home, BUT, I have not purchased sugar in the last few months and we've been doing just fine. We use a local honey as our sugar substitute.

    Dinner time? I certainly do not have THE answer. Yesterday I drew a Large spider and some other bugs on a paper the size of our table. The boys were busy coloring it for a good 20 minutes!

    What do you do at dinner time?

  3. Good for you for keeping your children occupied with the T.V. What do you do for your internet connection? We did cut down on the number of stations we were willing to pay our cable co. for. I have noticed that most of the programs that I really enjoy are the British shows on PBS.