Saturday, September 25, 2010


I love Germany

 The view from our hotel room.
 Waiting for our high speed train from Frankfurt to Cologne.
 We stayed in Deutz, a smaller city across the river from Cologne. It had its own little downtown with restaurants, flower shops and a great Doner Haus.
 I loved the cobble stone roads and the sounds the cars made as they drove on it.
 We stayed at a quaint bed & breakfast that was one train stop away from the convention center, where our trade show was.
 Taking a short nap right after we arrived at our hotel.
Becky, these garden windows reminded me of you and I thought you would enjoy them.

 We became very familiar with the train station and it was a great way to navigate the city.

Enjoying the view of the Rhine at the Vendors only Kind & Jugend party
 I love the boiled egg stands.

 Paintings original to the building in our hotel (over 100 yrs old)
 Enjoying some orange juice in our breakfast nook.
The breakfast room in our hotel. We had orange juice, boiled eggs, rolls, yogurt, museli, sausages, black bread (a grainy bread) and of course nutella.
 We were located in the middle of our German Distributors booth, a fabulous location. To the left is Boon and Skip*Hop. To the right is Wishbone Bikes, Bebe au Lait (Hooter Hiders), KidBasix and Easy Walker)
 (Me in my after the show shoes talking to friends from Wishbone Bikes)

This is Amanda. She is our very enthusiastic Spanish Distributor. It was great to have her in the booth. She really believes in Puj and knows how to sell it. Plus, she speaks Spanish & French. A bonus when you have people visiting from all over the world. Before next years show I want to learn at least one other language so I don't feel like such a sucker.

This was my first time at the Kind & Jugend show so I don't really have a good gauge for a successful show. But, we are working with distributors in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Finland, Holland, Isreal, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea, China, Japan, Italy, Dubi, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand....I can't remember the rest right now. Can you believe it! Two months from now if you happen to be in Finland and NEED a Puj Tub, you can just go to the store and get one.

Go Puj

A SPECIAL thanks to Jason & Andrea for taking such good care of our boys while we were gone.


  1. Wow, Katie! Such exciting stuff! You and Ben look beautiful in Germany :) I've a feeling this trip may have been a seminal moment for you (and Puj!) . . . .Sure love you & thanks for thinking of me when you saw beautiful Garden windows in Germany! --while I'm here I'm plugging a trip to Aunt Becky's for Thanksgiving. YES!! Please, please come see us! Those boys need to give me some luvin ;-)

  2. You know, I took german in college. You should probably just take me with you next time. :) It looks beautiful, and I'm so excited to hear about your sucesses!

  3. Kate, that looks like such a fun trip! Love all of the pictures, you guys look so great.

  4. All I can say is WOW!!! YOu guys are incredible. Love all the pictures. You and Ben look beautiful:)

    p.s. Evan is 10 months old and I am still using my puj tub. Our kitchen sink is oversized and it just sort of fits down in there without the magnets being clipped and it works great. Love you!

  5. I took German too! many years ago, one semester, I remember nothing. It all sounds like Greek to me! Good luck with your goal to learn at least one other language. May I suggest you start with Spanish because there are so many cognates to give you a point of reference to start. Or maybe you could try Chinese. Don't think there are any cognates.