Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lost Vegas

Truman asked me, "Mom, why is it called Lost Vegas? Is it because because people get lost there?" 

Well Truman, I think you're absolutely right! People do get a bit lost in Vegas. Lucky for us we had purpose (and morals) and we did not get lost in Vegas.

It was fun having Jason on board this year.
The ABC show was fantastic. We picked up a lot of new stores, made some very valuable contacts, and of course had a great time. I only took pictures at the show, but we made sure to relax and enjoy ourselves in the evenings. 
Me doing a little interview

Talking with Jeremy White, creator of JJ Cole.

Dianna is so fantastic to join us at these shows. She keeps me on task and is a NATURAL sales woman.

Jason is all business. He keeps the machine running smoothly.
Brett (Ben's brother) just happened to be driving through Vegas and joined us for a bit.

It is so rewarding to share these experiences with the man I love so much.

Q Collection had a very attractive booth. I think we complimented each other.

Next years show will be in Louisville Kentucky......Should be a good one!

Go Puj!

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