Monday, September 13, 2010

Sterling is two

Sterling is full of personality and everyone in the family adores him! His new favorite is the tree swing in our front yard. He also likes to explore. This week I found him:
  • putting on mascara
  • holding a flower with a BIG bee in it
  • saying "Bug! Bug!" and waiving the biggest, ugliest, bug I have ever seen
  • super-gluing his eye shut
  • sucking on a kitchen sponge (thankfully it was a brand new one...phew!)
We had an easy family party. I made Chicken nuggets and roasted garden veggies. The cake was a spice cake with bananas as substitutes for the eggs....YUM!

My favorite Sterling attribute is his hugs. He has always been a cuddly loving boy. There are many times throughout the day when he will come to me to give me a hug. One of this "wrap your arms around my neck super tight and squeeze" hugs. And then he'll give you a soft kiss.

Also, today was Truman's first day of Preschool! He had such a fantastic time that he's decided he wants to go back....YEAH!
Doesn't he look so handsome?


  1. Happy Birthday Sterling! Super gluing his eyes shut? That's never good.

  2. Aww, Katie! These pics made me miss your boys so much!! Can you please move the Pacific North West a little bit closer to the desert? Or how about you come and visit us for Thanksgiving? I need to get a squeeze from these handsome boys of yours! Happy Birthday to the big little guy!

  3. dear katie,

    can you teach me to be as cute as you are someday?


    happy birthday to sterling. you have the most handsome boys i know. as a side note, the other day while we were on a family hike, stella announced she was marrying truman out of no where. ryan and i were busting up. walker and truman better watch out, the birnel girls are after them :)

  4. This being away from home has Grandma and Grandpa really disconnected! But I did think about Sterling's birthday. I hope he will forgive us for not sending a card on time. But we did wish him and his fanfastic family a great big Happy Birthday. Hope you got an email from your dad with a few details about our travels. We are in New Brunswick and tomorrow will go to P.E.I.

  5. P_.S. I did think about Truman a couple of days ago when we were in Independence Missouri and we went to the Harry S. Truman library. Lots of history and very interesting.