Thursday, June 17, 2010


Do you ever just look at your kids
and think how they use to be
in your tummy.

Ben loves to hug them and say,
"look at all this meat Katie, it
use to be inside of you. Can you
believe that?"

I frequently get stopped at the grocery
store by some kind older persons
who remind me how precious they are
and how quickly they grow up.

They won't always look this cute with
their X-Men floaties and their swim
goggles all fogged up.

so precious.
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  1. Adorable. I have two blue eyed boys myself, one 3.5 and definitely a doll in his foggy goggles and Cars swimsuit, and one 11.5 and "handsome" in his competition goggles and jammers. He's nearly as tall as I am... it does go by fast, but I love them getting older and becoming fabulous companions.

  2. So glad we got to spent a few days with your cute kids and you.