Monday, June 28, 2010

riding horses

We just got back from a week on the road. My family had a "round-up" in Yellowstone, and BOY did we have a good time.
I thought I would start out the picture log with our morning of horseback riding.
Walker was on his own horse wearing the ADVENTURE hat (you will see it throught the pictures I post from our trip).
Ben and I each shared our horse with one of the other boys.

It was such a fabulous way to take in the beauty of the mountains. My horse Ross was quite interested in plowing over small trees and moving to a gallup ever so often. His unpredictability kept the ride VERY interesting!

This is definately something the boys will remember. I think I wouldn't mind having horses someday.

What memorable activities have you done on vacation?
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  1. Love the fun pictures of your horseback ride. Glad you all had fun. Time went by too quickly, but it was great while it lasted.