Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer seeding

The garden is in!
Now the trick is keeping this pudgy guy from
stomping all over my edamame.

I have lived in the NorthWest for nearly 7 years, and
I just now purchased my very own rain boots
The stars aligned and I found a pair I liked
for the right price....$19
These boots allow me to be excited
that it is still raining here.

I have also recently taken up mowing the lawn.
It's kind of like vacuuming only with
with a large and dangerous rotating blade.

Mowing is a good excuse to get out side. The other day
I was enjoying it so much I just kept going
and did the neighbors lawn.
It's hard to mow in secret but I
think she still doesn't know it was me.

It's kind of fun being sneaky!
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  1. So glad you like to mow. But what is Todd going to think the next time he rides his mower over to your house and the lawn has already been done? And will it have been done to his specification?