Wednesday, May 19, 2010

scandelous to fabulous in no time

Would you look at this find! It's like it was sitting on the GoodWill rack just waiting for me to find it. Luckily I was there looking for birthday presents for the 4 year old (I found some great ones by the way!)
The dress was quite beautiful but very scandelous. The top was completely backless and very "bib" like. So....I got out my Ginghers and chopped the top off.

Then I grabbed some scraps I had and with yellow thread I sewed on a top to the skirt.

I have to say I am quite pleased with the end result. I did zero gathering, edging, ruffling etc. And it no longer shows off too much skin. Can you believe the detailed ruffles on the bottom! Luckily some other sewer got to spend hours adding that.

I figured since I did not have to do much to it that I could at least add some stitching details. What do you think?
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  1. Fabulous. I feel inspired to head for my local Goodwill.

  2. not so scandelous if you pair it with a shirt- that is!!
    it's so cute.
    I wanted a pic of you modeling it.
    love the summer colors and the waistline you paired with it- you have a gift!

    oh and thanks for your sweet comment. I would dream of being your cul-de-sac neighbor and I think since John would dream of being Ben's and you're living in a place on our watch list- maybe someday we can make that a reality :)

  3. topless? Now that's more scandalous than backless! Just kidding, very good work lady.

  4. Cute skirt, Katie! Glad you have lots of immagination and a Goodwill close by. Now we want to see a picture of you in it to see what cute top you pair it with.

  5. Thank you! This inspires me to sew. I love finding ways to make fashionable clothing modest.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. Love it! Can I come shopping with you? You find the best deals, girl! :)