Friday, May 14, 2010

an el-e-phant good time

The other day I needed a fun activity that I could do with all 3 of my boys. So I looked around and found that we had several empty milk jugs (3 to be exact.) So I grabbed my kitchen scissors and started cutting.
(can you see the milk jug shape? the handle makes a perfect trunk!)
In no time I had three little elephants at the table giggling and being so goofy. It was a fun way to enjoy our lunch together.
And these old yogurt lids were the perfect elephant ears. Just cut a slit on the sides of the milk jug and slip this little guy in. It will hold itself in place and does not need any glue!

What fun activities have you done with a milk jug?

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  1. Seriously?!! You are amazing! The boys look so cute.

  2. So I just discovered this sneaky little blog of yours. I am completely in awe of you right now. Amazing is the only word that comes to mind. I teach young womens and we are always talking about developing our talents and interests. I have to say that you are a shining example of developing and using to your good and to the good of others, your talents. Your Puj Tub is the greatest thing ever. I think about you and your family all the time so I am glad I found your blog. Miss you my old friend.

  3. What a creative thing to do with a milk jug. Your boys make really cute elephants.

  4. Nancy leaked this information to me. I am so excited to see what Katie is up to. Like the milk jug elephants, genius! I am always racking my brain for projects like that but somehow nothing that fun ever comes to mind. Thanks for the creative idea!

  5. so how exactly do you come up with these ideas. what a fun idea.