Monday, May 10, 2010

the great cover-up

I love creating with my kids. So I was thrilled when my 6 year old Walker wanted to do a re-fashion project with me.
We took a perfectly good hoodie that a friend had passed along and made it our own.

1. Walker created a logo that he liked, W star, or he likes to say it "WalkStar". We covered both sides of paper with packing tape and cut the design out with an exacto.

2. Next we sponged the logo onto some scrap fabric from a pair of jammas with holes in the knees

3. Then you just pin it over the old logo and sew around it! Now you have a hoodie that belongs to you YOU and not MR. NIKE (don't worry Mr. Nike, I still love you!)

Hooray for fun projects that are free, productive and a good time spent with the kids!

What crafts do your kids like to do with you?

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  1. I just might have to hit the DI with my kids to get some stuff to revamp, love this idea, and you're much better at letting your kids be a part of it. I need to work on that. Have you tried freezer paper? I have all the stuff to do that, but haven't tried it yet, maybe I could tackle something like this.

  2. I seem to remember you stencilling some of your own T shirts when you were young. Glad you are able to teach Walker to do it and like the finished product.

  3. WalkStar! I love it. Like Rock Star, only much better. The hoodie turned out great. What a fun mama you are :)