Thursday, May 20, 2010


These illustrations of domestic women by Leslie Graff are absolutely beautiful. Read more about her in Latter Day Women Mag (next to a snip-it about Puj!) Who says you can't wear a skirt while you're folding towels? I love a mother who not only takes care of her family, but takes care of herself.
I always think making dinner is more fun in a skirt!

Stay tuned for another "pants to skirt" transformation.


  1. maybe a skirt, but I'm definitely not putting laundry away in heels! I like the paintings though, they are kind of muppety where you only see the Mom's legs, and fun little Puj snip it, they need to do more of a spread on you!

  2. Awesome Puj snippit! congrats!

  3. Leslie is a friend of mine. Fun to see her work on your site.

  4. thank you for the compliment- glad you like the paintings- working a new one today-- with lemonade!