Monday, May 24, 2010


What do you do when an unflattering shirt design happens to beautiful fabric? Well, if you're me you turn that frumpy shirt into a skirt (do you see it? I don't even have to make a ruffle). But only if it's on the clearance rack for 75% off....score!
 This is the shirt BEFORE I got to it. I'm sure it would look perfectly fine on a girl who's 5'11'' and 102 lbs. But some of us need a bit of structure to our clothes. 

I just cut out the skirt silhouette, sewed up the sides and then sewed on a stretchy band on the top. 
(when you have 3 kids at your ankles you don't have time to fuss with zippers or button holes)
And for the stretchy top I just cut up an old T-shirt I wasn't using.

It's so easy you can do this all on Sunday morning and be wearing the skirt to church. 
Well, so I hear anyways :)

And I paired it with these cute heels I found (on a major sale) in NY.

Hooray for Liberty! Go check your Target clearance rack and you just may get lucky...mine had quite a few to choose from.


  1. Love it, and LOVE those shoes! I might have to check my Target for an awesome Liberty find of my own.

  2. p.s. Did you rearrange your living room? Where's the piano?

  3. You are quite observant my sister. Yes, we moved the Piano to the other side of the room. We wanted it to look more "appreciated" and less "shoved in the corner"

  4. love it!
    I'm missing my Target.
    and Costco.
    and You!
    we may be heading home late summer. Possibly up for a road trip with the family down to Ashland for a little river rafting/ running around/ good old fashioned fun??

  5. Now I think you should don an apron and go put away some laundry in that super-cute skirt.

  6. Love you in your cute skirt and great shoes. Wear the high heels while you're able. They look wonderful. Hope you have a great Happy Birthday.

  7. I really like this! Very cute. Too bad I don't have a target! (visiting from Nancy's blog)

  8. Wow! I just linked over from your sister's blog. I am amazed and inspired. Thanks!

  9. I am 56 yrs old and have re-invented my clothing and my sisters since I was in my teens because we didn't have much nor did we have a sewing machine so I did all my sewing by hand which actually looks better than machine straight stitch. :) I just love to see all the sewers who love changing one thing to another instead of just tossing it out.
    Hi everyone, nice to meet you. My blog is and would love you to visit.