Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Cleaners

There is something I love about a household cleaner that's packaging has been unchanged for the last 60+ years. To me that means the product actually works and they don't need a pretty label to make it sell. My Father-in-law recently introduced me to a new carpet cleaner that has "vintage" packaging. He loved it because it instantly removed a spot on his tie and left no soil marks....AMAZING. It's called FOLEX and it works!
Now what it IS made of I am not sure, but there are no odors or toxins (according to the label.) And it really leaves no sign of anything once you're done with it. I have tried it on a couple old stains on the carpet and couch and have yet to find something it won't remove. It's like a Magic Eraser in a bottle.

AFTER:I found mine at Home Depot for $4.50...a very worthy investment.


So....what cleaning products get you all excited?


  1. I love Bare Naked Cleaners


    They are all natural and custom scented! and they work great!

  2. I have this stuff and I love it! My father-in-law also introduced this to me ha also works on Tee Tee stains/odor from our wonderful dog :|

  3. I discovered this stuff called Citrol that took black permanent marker off my red microfiber couch so easily. It smells good and is environmentally safe. It cleans lipstick, oil, all kinds of stuff. It it the BEST! I had to locate it online to find a local retailer who carried it. It was about $4.50. I wonder if it would get grease and arm pit stains out of clothes??