Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slugs and Noodles

Children are such interesting creatures. Here is a perfect example of this statement. One day my two oldest boys, ages 5 & 3, came running into the house, each with an outstretched arm saying, "Mom! Mom! Look what we found." And what were they proudly displaying for their mother, garden slugs. You would have never guessed from the grins on their faces that they had slimy slugs, antlers waiving about, crawling up their arms. My boys' faces beaming with pride.

Contrast that moment with lunch time just two days later. The three year old had spilled some of his noodles on the floor. As I asked him to pick them up he began crying with a very worried look on his facing saying, "But it's so squishy mommy!"

Often times as a parent our children react to certain situations in a way that is completely illogical.

Slugs = okay

noodles = NOT okay

mom = very confused

The best way I have found to avoid these confusing breakdowns is to be prepared. Whether it's a secret stash of fruit leather in my bag or a few "on the spot" fun games to play in the check-out line. When my children are engaged in something of interest to them they are happy, which makes mom & dad happy which helps me stay calm and say with a smile "THAT is a very cool slug, tell me all about him!"

What crazy things do your kids do?


  1. The only problem with trying to be prepared is that there is no way to anticipate every situation that will crop up with children. Therefor, they will often catch you off guard no matter now much preparation you do.

  2. I just found your blog through ... y'know, not sure now :)

    I must tell you -- you are a gorgeous, talented lady! WOW! I've decided to just learn instead of getting too intimidated :) So I do look forward to seeing more of your creations, and I *love* your post about being a mom in a skirt and heals -- I am trying to work on feeling pretty during the day.

    Anyhoo, I think you're right about being prepared for the times when melt-downs could occur - hadn't thought of it that way though. I suspect the most important thing for me to prepare is my attitude -- I need to work on finding the positive and fun in my day. It's amazing to me how, if I let a smile and laugh hide my exhaustion, their are far fewer eruptions in my day. (Not that I'm very good at it -- just something I'm trying to work on.)