Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Snowy New York

A couple weeks ago I had the fabulous opportunity to go to New York for a Press event that Puj was attending. Unfortunately the event was canceled because of the snowstorm, but lucky for me I was "stuck" in New York City...wooh whoooh! My friend Dianna met me up there and even though the airport was shut down, the good employees of H&M and the Broadway Stars still made it to work. We shopped, enjoyed some fine NY cuisine, saw a Broadway  play and had a good old time.
Can you believe all this snow!
This is our hot chocolate from City Bakery, we dubbed it "chocolate soup"....yum! And below is a picture of the beautiful loft the Press event was scheduled to be at.
This is our desert from Amma, an Indian Restaurant that just happened to be celebrating Restaurant week. It's like they knew we were coming! It was one of the best meals I have ever had...honest.
We stayed at the W hotel....I am thinking this will have to become my NY tradition. 

 This is the scene from the show we saw called, "In The Heights" I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about Broadwaye. I could be just as happy spending my money on a fun pair of boots that I would wear for years rather than spending my money on a show I hope I am going to like. You just don't always know what you're getting into with a Broadway Play. Especially when you get your tickets from TKTS (a discount place) The one we wanted to see was not playing that night (Mary Poppins) and so we had to make a last minute decision. The TKTS booth has no show info, just show times. So we asked the guy selling the tickets if he liked "Mama Mia" or "In The Heights" better. Lets just say he was less than pleased that we had asked him this question. Something tells me he's not giddy about working at the ticket counter. He gave us a very annoyed "No" and said in a very New Yorker accent "what do you want tickets to?"  Lucky for us we had heard great praise for both, so it all ended up okay.

And if you end up at TKTS and don't know what show to see I would highly recommend "In The Heights" It has a wholesome (mostly) storyline and is even a bit funny. And what's not to love about watching beautiful people singing and dancing?

 Would you look at those eyes....gorgeous!

So what do you do when you're in New York?

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