Friday, March 12, 2010


Breakfast use to be a very expensive, not so healthy meal at our house. I frequently would make eggs with cheese or we would all have several bowls of $5-a-box cold cereal. Well, not any more. I was looking for ways to cut back on the grocery bill and so I attacked breakfast first. My boys really like a hot breakfast, especially in the winter. And I wanted something inexpensive, healthy and fast. So, I decided to incorporate the breakfast food that kept my Grandfather going until he was 94, we call it:


It's HOT, inexpensive ($0.74/lb), healthy, filling, and cooks in about 4 minutes. I get a 10 grain cereal that has wheat, barley, oats, corn-meal, flax, bran, wheat-germ...ect. I love it! And when I let my boys put a scoop of honey on it they love it too!

So, what's for breakfast at your house?

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  1. So glad the children like the hot grain breakfast.