Sunday, February 27, 2011

work is not work

 I now "work" VERY part time at the studio/warehouse/office. It sounds funny to call it work because I enjoy every minute of it!
I go down to the studio while the two oldest are in school. And I have an amazing sister-in-law that helps out with the youngest little guy. (All my sister-in-laws are amazing!)
 I have been working on a little something for you all. It was time to start making the Puj Booti in some bigger sizes. It's tough work but someone has to do it.
I just keep pinching myself that I am working in my own studio at my own crazy strong industrial sewing machine.

PS- we just may be doing a little test run this May with the Puj Tub in a store called Target....ever heard of it?   
Ouch!!!! Just pinched myself again : )

Go Puj!


  1. Hey Friend. Remember me?:) I just wanted to tell you that I think you are awesome. I love that you are doing what you love. I think about you often and miss you. I am so happy for all of your successes. It would be fun to get to see you one of these days. Love you.

  2. So much space in which to work! No more cramped quarters on kitchen tables or back in little bedrooms with your mom's ancient sewing machine. Glad you are having fun!

  3. Wow, look at that machine and the cool girl working on it. Looks like it's cold in the studio. Love seeing you in your space and element, can't wait for Target that is awesome.

  4. That warehouse studio is like a dream. Just where you belong too. And Katie, a little amazing that you can still look that good in a jumpsuit.

    The Puj Booti news is exciting. I can't wait to hear more. (And to be honest, I thought that you were already at Target. But way to go!)

  5. I just discovered I'm pregnant about a month ago.
    I'm 43. This is Number 7.
    However my last 2 little girls were adopted almost 11 years ago and I haven't had a baby in over 14 years! We have 4 biological children and 2 adopted.
    I'm beyond stunned and pretty ill. BUT, discovering your products has really made my day and cheered me up!!
    They are all GREAT! YOU are a GENIUS!
    Trust me, I have seen many, many childrens products come and go in the last 21 years.
    The great ones stick around and sometimes some crummy ones do to. I'm not sure why.
    The puj booti is the best design I have seen in a well...ever.
    The very idea that you can buy 1 replacement is astonishingly thoughtful.
    You are a obviously a very rare and thoughtful
    mother and designer that takes both mother and child into great consideration. A comfy baby/child is a comfy mom! A comfy mom is a happy family!
    I had a very similar shoe for my oldest son when he was about 3-4 yrs old. They were made in Belgium and I bought them at a consignment store in the Bay Area of Ca, hardly used. They had a t strap and snapping buckle but both were the same shape. They were his and my favorite shoe and he wore them to death. I was sad when they couldn't be repaired and I had no way to find others like them.
    I'm soooo happy about these little shoes.
    I never liked the Bobux, they seem to squeeze baby's ankles and the foot is too pointy. Babies need a wide toe box.
    You have created baby shoe perfection.
    Such stunning simplicity and irresistible appeal are a deadly combo. You will take the baby shoe world by tomorrow. Believe it!
    I love the sling too. I never used one before because of neck problems and they are such a complicated bulky pain! Looks like I'll be buying your sling too!
    Thanks for all you hard work and superior, refined talent! I will be telling all the moms I know about your products!
    Can you feel the love!
    Best to you and keep up the fantastic work.
    Sue Taylor in CT.
    Supermom of 7.