Monday, January 17, 2011

photo book

There are so many companies out there who make photo books. For me, I don't just want a book with my pictures on it. I want a book where the colors are vibrant, the paper feels nice and thick and the presentation is above par. 
I figured I didn't have to look any further than Apple. They deliver quality work every time I have purchased one of their products.
I knew they couldn't mess up my pictures, and they really did a great job. Above and beyond in fact!
This is the book I made for Ben this Christmas.
This would also make a great Valentines Day gift. Pricing is about $1 a page and you don't even have to scrapbook ANYTHING!

Do you have a photo book company you love?

1 comment:

  1. Shutterfly...only because when you sign up they give you a ton of free stuff! They also send you coupons for free photo book every few months, all you have to pay for is shipping :)

    Good to know about Mac, I have been wanting to try them. Thanks for sharing.