Monday, November 8, 2010


Since we no longer have television in our home I have resulted to allowing the kids to watch a movie every now and then. And thanks to Pixar, they don't have to be one hour and 30 minutes long! In fact, our favorites are all about 5-10 minutes long.

This is one of our favorites. It's the characters from Monsters Inc. The best part is it only costs $1.99. We downloaded it to our iPad from iTunes.

Do you have a favorite movie your kids like to watch?

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  1. Dan and I are also without TV, and have been since we married. And I agree that putting in a whole movie is sometimes too much!

    Pixar recently released a DVD with all of it's shorts on it (I think there's 12). You know, the five minute cartoons that are before the feature films when you go to the theater. They are usually on the DVD of the movie they are shown with, but once that DVD goes in the player, my little Abby is not about to settle for just the short cartoon.

    So I've thought this would be a wonderful alternative. Put it in and let her watch a couple of them and 10 minutes later, we're done for the day. This DVD collection is definitely on my Christmas list.

    I also like the Olivia the Pig cartoon. I know it's for girls, but I love that it's done in 20 minute segments on the DVD so I can show her one of them at a time, but there's a total of four or five of them on the DVD. I'm sure there's something decent and worthwhile like this for boys that's much shorter than a full-length movie.