Saturday, November 6, 2010


When I was in Rome 9 years ago I bought a classic A-line olive green skirt.
This week as I cleaned out my closet I decided this skirt could use a refresh!

 So I cut it into thirds, threw away the bottom piece, and sewed back on the middle piece. I thought the seam line would be a nice detail. 20 minutes and I had myself a new skirt that would look perfect with some colorful tights and brown boots.
 But before I went wearing it around town I decided to add a little detail to the front and back. It's these little details that take it from looking like you bought it at Target to something you found at a High-End Boutique!
(I also sewed the same detail on the back side)
This is the finished product.
As a side note, when I wore this skirt to the grocery store a woman stopped me and asked where I had gotten my skirt. When I told her how I made it she high-fived me! (she made my day)

I find refashioning to be more interesting than High End Boutiques anyways.

So go through your closet and give that skirt you don't wear anymore a refresh. But be warned, you may be stopped when you wear it to the grocery store.

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  1. Love the new skirt. I had forgotten the original, but I must have been with you when you got it. Looks great with the boots.