Tuesday, September 7, 2010

swinging carrots

Truman is a happy boy. These are some of my most cherished images from summer. Two years ago Ben had the brilliant idea to put a swing in our front yard tree. It has been Trumans favorite place ever since. If he ever gets bored he just swings and sings. It is especially fun to watch him in the summer because he will frequently find something in the garden to snack on while he swings.

These images also remind me of summer. Visits to The Fort, peaches from the Farmer's Market, and Ice Cream from the Ice Cream truck. We try to catch it at least once in the summer. This year it was while the boys were in their jammas reading night-time stories. As soon as we heard the music we all jumped up and ran to catch the truck. I had a bag of quarters waiting for just such an occasion.

Night-time stories are also a BIG tradition in our family. Ben is the resident night-time story reader. This Babar book was one that Ben's mother use to read to him as a child. The boys love it!

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  1. It's hard to believe summer is over. Glad you and your family have such great memories of the past summer. Glad too that Truman loves to eat carrots straight out of the garden, dirt and all.