Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Does Cologne smell like Cologne? I don't know, but one week from today I will be able to tell you because I will be there myself!
That would be Cologne Germany my friends!
Ben surprised me and rather than buy a ticket for himself and an employee to go the the trade show he decided to buy a ticket for himself and his adoring wife (that's me!)
I am the PRESIDENT of Puj so it's only appropriate that I am there to represent us to the World, right?

I LOVE surprises!
And trips to foreign countries with my husband, sans kids, is at the TOP of the list! It should be a good one.

If you are planning on being at the Kind + Jugend Trade-show stop by and say hello! We will be in the Pampers 24 booth.

Go Puj!


  1. Yea for trips to Germany with just Ben!! Have fun.

  2. Oh man, I'm a little bit jealous here! Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  3. Glad you get to go to Germany as the president of your company. I'm sure the kids will do O.K. without you. Good luck! Let us know all about it.