Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The other day my husband mentioned riding in the car with a friend going to someone's house they've been to probably 10 times. Well the driver had his audible navigator telling him when and where to turn. Then my husband says to me, "Now I'm not sure if he always has his navigator going, but that's just SLAZY."  We both laughed at how he had just combined sooo + lazy together and LOVED the outcome. Then we started thinking of all the other things we let technology do for us these days and how it's making us lazy and even dumb sometimes.

Like the time I went to the carousel with Grandma and the cousins and not one of the adults could do $1.75 x 14 in their head. Even the ticket guy had to pull out his cell phone to do the math. (Yes Mandy, I know you can do that math in your sleep) In college I was quite proud of my calculator math skills. My TI-89 was my best friend and the whole reason my math grade was the highest of all my college classes. Solving complicated equations was like doing a little dance on my calculator.


Or Txt messaging. These days we use the fewest amount of letters as possible. You would need an interpreter to understand what we are talking about at a Puj meeting. FOB (freight on board) GP (game plan) BBT ( BRU (Babies R Us). You get the point.


    Soooo....lazy : Slazy!

    Or what about me and my blogging as of late?

    Slazy Blogger : Slogger!

    And what about a certain mother who has her 3 year old do all the vacuuming?

    That's not SLAZY that just downright SMART!
    So what SLAZY things do you.....I mean, the people in your life do?


    1. me and Trav like to text when we're sitting in the same room sometimes, not because we're slazy but because we think it's fun, but often times I wish there was a big text like screen in my family room so I could text my kids a message while I'm in my bedroom, now that's slazy.

    2. Only math teachers can for 14 x 1.75 in their heads. And that's only because we are crazy nerds. And having the 3 year old vacuum is ingenious kate.

    3. Miguel and I text each other instead of yelling from the other side of the house. Also, I did the same thing with my kids--we make chores fun in my house! We turn the radio on really loud and everyone cleans! Wish I had a neat slang, but I don't! I guess I'm slazy!

    4. Last night, instead of going into the living room to ask my husband a question, I e-mailed it too him. In the world of crafting, sometimes instead of hand sewing something I just use a glue gun. I love whoever invented the glue gun!

    5. That slazy is pretty catchy. Better copyright it before one day youre walking down the street and you hear somebody say it, or somebody like Paris Hilton says it, and takes credit! LOL