Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camera Cozy

I have been wanting a small minimal camera case for my digital SLR that would easily fit into my diaper bag. And since it's easier to set up my sewing machine than to take 3 kids to the store, I decided to just make one.

First I found some foamy padding and selected some fabric to cover it.

Then, using tape I mocked-up the shape to make sure the camera fit snugly.

Sew around three sides so you can easily insert your padding.

It helps to snip out some of the material on the corners, less puckering (it's a little trick my mother taught me)

Insert padding and tack down the ends. Once you have covered all sides you are ready to start sewing them together.

Some sides may be tricky but you can easily hand sew them together. NOTE: I don't have a thimble so instead I "hand sew" with needle nose pliers. Try it, it makes for fast sewing!

 I decided to leave the top open so it would be easy to get the camera in and out.

I tried it out at my NY trip and quite enjoyed the ease of use. And I could set my bag down knowing my little baby was well protected


  1. I'm liking this. I keep wanting to make myself a camera carrying case much like the cell phone case I made. So basically this just protects it when it's sitting in your diaper bag, right?

  2. yes, the camera cozy protects it in my diaper bag and keeps it separated from the crackers and fruit leather

  3. Katie Richardson... you have a blog and you didn't tell me about it?? It is awesome! I love it!

  4. Thanks Britt. I needed it to have some substance before I told people about it. Don't worry, I didn't tell anyone, Not even my own mother.

    Thanks for the compliments and it's so fun to get comments. It's like you never moved!

  5. Very clever, Katie! Glad the old Bernina is still doing its thing. And for sure you didn't tell anybody about you blog, but your electronically challenged mother did find you!