Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 My little superhero is now FIVE!
 My friend Kelly Atwood made these fabulous cupcakes for the party. (she also helped me out significantly with the decorations...thanks Kelly!)

 We had a fun little party at our home with Truman's friends.
 Someone snuck away from the group to enjoy his cupcake in silence.

 It's so fun to have some family close by.
 This guy reminds me so much of myself at 5.
 It's amazing how much fun a group of 5 year olds can have with some paper airplanes.

 Ben did a fantastic job entertaining them with a game of Eye-Spy while they ate their lunch.
Truman decided he wanted his friends to come in costume. Does this man look familiar?


  1. Happy Birthday Truman True! Wish we were the family that was nearby. I guess we will be in July! That rhymed. Anyway I miss you Kate, I still never saw the clip from Ellen, I think you should post it on the blog.

  2. Glad Truman had a fun Birthday celebration. He and the guests all looked happy. Loved the costumes and the fancy cupcakes. See you soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Truman True! All the kids are looking awesome here. Kids dress was nice here.