Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lets Get Messy

Look at these cute birthday invitations my friend Kelli and her son Cole made. Aren't they adorable? I love that her son was involved too.
seen on Delightful

Kelli and I were roommates in college. She was always going on adventures so if you went anywhere with Kelli you knew it was going to be good. Plus she is a great story teller. Every now in then she would throw in a British/Scottish/Irish accent. And to top it all off, Kelli is a fantastic gourmet cook. I had no idea what mango chutney was until I lived with her.

Thanks for sharing Kelli!
Happy Birthday Cole!


  1. This was a fun surprise. Thanks! We'll see what a great idea a Messy Party is after next Saturday. :) (Do you ever make that mango chutney salad dressing?)

  2. I feel like a failure for not having introduced you to chutney of any kind at a younger age!

  3. Wow, so many mango chutney comments. I have not been making that dressing Kelli, although anytime I hear the word "chutney" it reminds me of you!