Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wanted to tell you more about Janette Crawford. 
Don't you love her necklace!

We met at Alt Summit and she is absolutely adorable. She and her husband are the master-minds behind (kind of like etsy, but better!) Have you heard about it? I asked Janette to tell us about Storenvy and share some of her current favorites:

Storenvy in a Nutshell 
Storenvy is a social marketplace for buying and selling goods of all kinds from independent businesses all over the world. Storenvy charges no fees to buy or sell and gives merchants a fully customizable online storefront in addition to placement in the shopping marketplace. 

Storenvy is changing the face of the e-commerce experience by enabling anyone, from the owner of a fashion boutique to a guy designing skateboard decks, to create their own completely customizable store at no charge and with no programming knowledge required. And by combining all the stores' products into one big marketplace, stores make more sales through the natural discovery process. (Current stat: Storenvy stores make almost 15% of their sales through the marketplace rather than through direct store traffic.) For shoppers, a well-categorized marketplace makes it easy to browse all stores at once, allowing them to save their favorite items for later and follow their favorite stores and users.
My Storenvy Picks

Letterpressed in San Francisco on 2-ply birch veneer, using scraps that are an excess of the Denver, CO, furniture industry. 

"santio eduardo vega" print (a4) from cardboardcities
Laura Redburn is a young illustrator from Wales. 

MUCHroom Wall Hook from Workerman
Handcrafted by Adam Brackney in Minneapolis, MN, of reclaimed + sustainably harvested woods. 

Love is Waiting T-shirt (Seafoam) from Love is Waiting
All proceeds help fund (our friends) Aaron & Heather Hale's upcoming Ethiopian adoption of a baby boy. 

Beaded Fringe Necklace in turquoise & red | by: Noble Town Vintage from Blonde Grizzly
Handmade by Noble Town Vintage, sold by Blonde Grizzly, an art boutique in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Spring Bangle from Kianga Project
Each bangle is handcrafted by, and benefits, a man or woman living with HIV in the slums of Kenya. 

Thanks for sharing with us Janette!
What's your favorite Storenvy find?


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome post, Katie!

    The rest of you all know that KATIE is the absolutely adorable one, right? (We met because I complimented her hair... and then we got photographed for a style blog together!)

    What fun! xo

  2. LOVE these lace earrings:
    i've wanted to make lace jewelry for awhile now, and dye it fun colors, but can NEVER find lace that i like!! where, where, where?? maybe a trip to fabric depot will solve the problem...