Monday, February 7, 2011

potatoe stamp throw pillow

Are you wanting to add a little refresh to your room? I have a little project for you that only takes a couple hours.
 You only need a few supplies
  • fabric
  • pillow stuffing
  • potates
  • acrylic paint & textile medium
 Measure and cut your fabric to be 1.5 inches longer & wider than your pillow (allowing for 3/4' seam allowance)
 Mix two parts paint with one part textile medium (this makes the paint soft and flexible)
Lay your fabric out on a flat surface with paper shopping bags underneath.  Dip potatoes into paint and stamp away. I used three different sizes of potato.
 You can even section off the area you want to stamp with masking tape.
 Dry the paint with a blow dryer until it is completely dry.
 For a quick and easy solution use an overlapping flap on the back (overlap the fabric about 4"). You can even use glue-tape for the flap seams instead of sewing them (it has a more minimal look)
 sew your edges and.....

you're finished! Wasn't that so easy. 

Now you'll be wandering around your house to see what rooms could use a refresh with some fun throw pillows.


  1. very organic, very cool, very Kate. I've never seen the textile medium paint before, I'll have to check that out. Is that your master bed?

  2. Katie, love your creativity. Your pillows look great. Love the color combination.

  3. I love you and I love your potato stamp wonders.