Wednesday, January 26, 2011

summit summary

Altitude Design Summit was like going to college again, only this time I LOVED every one of my classes!
(Jaime of Design Milk, Kelly of Design Crush, Me, Suann of Simple Song, and Kirsten of Simply Grove)
 These ladies had great advice on balancing work and life. My main takeaway was to have a schedule and to use post-its! They also had some website that can help with organizing your life so I will be sharing those later.

 There was a wealth of knowledge amongst the group and they were all so willing to share their own experiences. And of course it was fun to meet all these fantastic people that I have only known through the world wide web.
 Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom fame was such a fantastic host. She made me feel so welcome and introduced me to some fantastic people. I am so excited for her BIG move to France.
I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes from the conference.
(and please excuse my blurry discolored pictures. But thanks to the great instruction of Blue Lily Photography they should only get better from this point on)
Seth Aaron and Mondo, both of "Project Runway" fame were the speakers at lunch one day. They shared something that Michael Kors had said once, "When listening to criticism, take 20% and hang onto it. Throw the other 80% away. Know who you are and your voice and stay true to it."

When asked about up and coming trends, Mondo said, "Don't listen to or follow trends. If you like it wear it!"  (I fully agree Mondo.)

 Wendy and Danny were some of the first ladies I met at the conference. Danny introduced me to wabi-sabi, the art of the imperfect. I LOVE this philosophy.
 Sara Jane is just as adorable in real life. We have a lot of mutual friends so it was great to meet in real life.

 I loved DJ Spooky. He was just a wealth of knowledge and it was fascinating to see his creative process.
 Jeanette of fame.
 The Grand America was so fancy, they even had fabric on the walls.
 The Girls With Glasses teamed up with Kate Spade for this party.
 Some of the lovely ladies I met at the conference.  Be on the look out for some beautiful AND functional diaper bags from Crystal (on the right). Her company is called "Ness" which means miracle in Hebrew.
That's it for now. I will fill you in later on the websites and iPhone apps that some of the speakers suggested.



  1. I'm so jealous of all the talk about Alt - I haven't heard any negative reviews!

    I just happened upon your blog as I was posting on my own about my fantastic new Go Sling.. I am a huge fan of your company, as you can tell from my post here: :)

    Thanks so much! I look forward to watching your company grow!


  2. Fun, fun, fun! Now give me a phone call and dish on the details! Your blond locks and glasses make you look like BW's sister!