Sunday, January 16, 2011

room to grow

Puj has a new address. We are a company that does things our own way, and doesn't follow protocol. And so our office needed to facilitate this uniqueness.
 It comes complete with gaping vastness just waiting for us to give it purpose.
 I love the character that the old wood floors add
 We do have an office area, but most of it has a studio/shop feel

 It has been fun to bring the boys bikes and scooters down and let them zoom around all the pillars.

 The occasional bright red drippy paint and exposed pipes add so much character.

 The exposed wires and wood is exactly why we love it!
The best part is it's located 10 minutes from our home and 15 minutes from downtown Portland. There is also a boat-launch into the Columbia River just outside the back door. I see a sailboat in my near future!


  1. Whoa. Katie that's an awesome building. I'm totally pumped that your business is doing so well and that you're growing (your business that is.) Great photos by the way. Can you spare a little corner and one of those great windows to a poor ol artist? This basement studio just isn't doin it for me anymore:) I'll keep to myself I promise. Just throw me some crumbs once in awhile.