Friday, December 17, 2010

#4 Puj Tub Giveaway Winner

Mary Katherine Littrell
I have tried 5, count them 5 bathtubs and have not been happy. They either don't fit on the counter or they are hard plastic and slippery babies and hard plastic don't mix! We have tried it all and the puj looks like it would be the best fi...t for our family. Plus we don't have room for any of those big bathtubs. Our one fits in our bathtub but I have back problems and that makes for a difficult bathtime for me. Would love a puj tub!! I have told everyone I know that is having a baby to get the puj tub because they look like an answer to a lot of problems!
Congratulations Mary Katherine. Email your shipping address to katie(at)pujbaby(dot)com and we will ship it out for you!


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