Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sleeping in

The other morning Ben and I decided to ignore the 5:30am alarm and sleep in.

So at 7am when the boys woke up they were left to do as they pleased. So what did they do?

Why make us breakfast of course! They buttered the bagels and made sure to put just a little bit of cinnamon & sugar (not too much!)

Walker headed the effort and buttered the bagels. Sterling was in charge of taking the toasted bagels out of the toaster. And Truman was the master of the cinnamon & sugar. And even better than the bagel was the cute note they made and figured out how to prop up all on their own. I will miss his creative lettering. Although, if Walker's like me he will always be a "creative" speller.

Can you read what it says?
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  1. "We love you,

    Walker, and Truman, and Sterling"

    How'd I do? :D