Monday, July 5, 2010


One of the biggest attractions at Yellowstone is "Old Faithful". Everyone sits around the geyser hole waiting for it's "Faithful" gushing of water and sulfur from the Earth every 90 minutes. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
But in a world of BIG cars, BIG buildings, BIG hair, and BIG gulps; some onlookers were not so impressed. After traveling 1500 miles and sitting in the heat waiting for the display, one woman said out loud "thoroughly disappointing"
I also heard, "that's it?" and a certain brother-in-law of mine compared it to the Statue of Liberty, "It's about 4 times smaller than you're expecting. No, make that 10 times smaller." (good comparison Richard!)

Well, to their credit I did hear a ranger mention that it's not quite as tall as it use to be. But still, water gushing from the earth every 90 minutes, pretty impressive if you ask me.

For those looking for something more EXCITING, we were soon joined by some large bison soon after the geyser went off. 
They loudly groaned and growled as they sauntered down the boardwalk and right next to the geyser hole. It made for some very anxious park goers! The boys LOVED it. 
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  1. Glad y'all had such a great time at the guysers. We did too. I always think these natural wonders are worthwhile. But nowadays they have to compete with the magic of technology and that has to be hard.