Wednesday, May 5, 2010

jewelry as art

I am not a very blingy person. Usually you will find me wearing my wedding ring, pearl earings and nothing else. I do however have a few favorites that people have given to me, things I've found at garage sales or antique shops.

So being the resourceful woman I am, I sifted through the supplies I have and found a way to display them on my wall so I can admire them even when I'm not wearing them. With just a few small hand tools and a little creativity I now have a new wall hanging display.

On my morning run I found this squash pendent at a garage sale for $ it. (you wouldn't believe how many comments I get on it)

You don't even need any rulers or tape measures. I think the slanted lines just add character don't you :)

How do you store your jewelry?
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  1. I am pretty sure when you were finishing up class projects in our apartment, you didn't think that slanted lines added character!

  2. Are you trying to one up me? Just kidding, you know I love it!

  3. Really beautiful collection. Hoping to find it at Jewelry Stores NY.

  4. Love your artistic display and your jewelry.